Breast Health Workshops will be offered to people who are not breast cancer victims but are looking for information about breast care and breast issues.

Information will be provided about resources available, self-examination techniques, early diagnosis of breast cancer as well as health issues, risk factors and statistics. Please keep in mind that we will not give medical advice or opinions on ones personal health.  Caledon Breast Cancer Foundation and the MammaCare specialists urge you to visit your health professional if you have a concern. Early detection is key.

What you will learn:

The MammaCare Method , which was developed to help women detect lumps and breast changes more effectively, will be offered using the MammaCare silicone breast models. The MammaCare Method of breast self-examination was created by Dr. Henry Pennypacker (University of Florida) who felt that if a blind person could be taught to use the pads of their fingertips to learn Braille, then women could learn to examine their breasts by using the same method.

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